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Greetings and welcome! I'm absolutely thrilled that you've taken the time to get to know me and the MP Initiative Mastermind. To start, let me share a bit about myself. I'm happily married and the proud parent of two incredible kids: Olive, who's 14, and Cy, who's 11. I'm an unapologetic animal lover and find immense joy in living life to the fullest. Moreover, I'm deeply devoted to my faith as a follower of Jesus. My journey in the performing arts community has spanned many years, wearing various hats as a student, teacher, and now, a business owner.

Over the past 19 years, I've had the privilege of owning and operating my studio, which has seen different locations. During the pandemic, I embarked on the exciting endeavor of establishing a state-of-the-art performing arts center. Today, we serve over a thousand families weekly, supported by a dedicated team of 25 employees. My greatest satisfaction as a studio owner comes from connecting with our families. I firmly believe that exceptional customer service takes precedence, and our commitment is to deliver excellence in all our endeavors.

The concept of a mastermind group revolves around fostering a blend of brainstorming, education, peer accountability, and unwavering support to refine both your business acumen and personal skills. Our members encourage one another to set ambitious goals and, more significantly, to achieve them. As a fellow studio owner, I can personally attest that I've learned and grown the most through interactions with my peers. Hearing how other owners have tackled challenges has led me to discover inventive solutions to the issues faced as a studio owner.


Additionally, I've had the privilege of participating in various mastermind groups consisting of accomplished business professionals. This journey has bestowed upon me a wealth of knowledge and experience, and now, I'm eager to share this wisdom with fellow studio owners as a way of giving back. I'm prepared to sit at the table alongside you, where we can invest in each other's success, cheer each other on, and collectively celebrate growth. I extend an invitation for you to join us, to take a seat at the table with fellow studio owners who share your aspirations for growth and the creation of a studio that both you desire and your community needs. I sincerely hope you'll choose to be a part of our journey!

Let’s Work Together

2241 NW 178th

Edmond, Ok 73012

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Session One

September 21, 2023  9:00am (cst)-11:00am

October 12, 2023  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

October 26, 2023  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

November 9, 2023  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

November 30, 2023  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

December 14, 2023  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

December 28, 2023  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

Session Two

January 11, 2024  9:00am (cst)-11:00am

January 25, 2024  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

February 8, 2024  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

February 22, 2024  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

March 14, 2024  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

March 28, 2024  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

April 11, 2024  9:00am (cst)- 11:00am

What's Included

  • Seven Mastermind Sessions

  • 1- 30 minute monthly one-on-one call with Meredith Powell

  • Weekly Check-ins

  • Power Book

....and more!

Available Spots

8 studio owners


$450 per session

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